Installing DBpedia Virtuoso plugin

In continutation on the previous post on DBpedia mirroring, here is a very short guide on the installation of the DBpedia Virtuoso plugin.


  • you have installed the OpenLink Virtuoso server
  • imported some DBpedia data

you can install the DBpedia Virtuoso plugin (the dbpedia-dav.vad) using the following simple steps:

  1. download the .dav file (you can get the latest version from the github project download the “dbpedia-dav.vad” file)
  2. go to your Virtuoso Conductor and login
  3. go to System Admin -> Packages
  4. scroll down, until you see “install package”. Click “Browse”
  5. select the dbpedia-dav.vad you downloaded in step 1 and confirm. Click “Proceed” when Conductor asks.
  6. DONE



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