Building the DBpedia Virtuoso plugin

The latest official version of the source code for the DBpedia plugin is located at

Currently, there is no script for building (DBpedia) VAD for Virtuoso so we have to do the following: compile all of Virtuoso OpenSource edition with the code for our plugin in the source folder.

The recipe:

  1. get the sourcecode of the DBpedia plugin at its github:
  2. and unpack it somewhere
  3. get the sourcecode of a 6.x version from the Virtuoso Opensource edition github
  4. unpack the code and navigate to the root of the unpacked folder
  5. set the Compiler Flags as described in :
  6. BEFORE running ./configure (after running ./, copy the contents of the dbpedia folder of the DBpedia plugin code we downloaded into the dbpedia folder in the binsrc folder of the Virtuoso sourcecode we downloaded in Step 3.
  7. then run ./configure and make
  8. now in the binsrc/dbpedia folder of the build there should be a file called dbpedia_dav.vad which is our VAD plugin waiting to be plugged into a (running) VOS instance.

If you have VOS running on localhost already (default database port 1111), make sure the port used during building is not the same (1111) as the running instance will interfere with building the VOS source.


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